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At-Risk Youth Turning Things Around

PRICE HILL, Ohio (Paula Toti) -- A local community worked to improve their neighborhood one house at a time, but Wednesday one house was extra special. 

The renovated home was also helping to turn around young lives. Ribbon cutting happened Wednesday morning on Fisk Street. "Price Hill Will," a nonprofit community development group, worked to rehab 60 homes in the area. They teamed with Easter Seals "Youthbuild.". 

The Youthbuild program targets young people who become disengaged from school or are at risk and gives them some hands on training. Participants started working on a house back in March. As part of the program they have to spend half the week learning job skills and half the week re-engaging in school. 

One participant in the program, Blake Stewart, said, "Helped me get back to school. Without this program, for real, I was kind of lost. They helped me dig deeper." 

Jeremy Cantrell said, "It's encouraged my life. They've pushed me to my limit to where I'm succeeding." 

As part of a grant to fund the program the home must be sold to someone who qualifies for low income and be rehabbed in a low income community. Price Hill Will said using students also helped public dollars for the project stretch. 

The young people were paid eight dollars an hour. The city of Cincinnati also teamed up with Easter Seals and Price Hill Will on some of the financing for the home renovations. 

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