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A Response From Our Founder David Brennan to the Plain Dealer article on White Hat Management

Dear Editor,
Former Plain Dealer editorial director Brent Larkin recently authored a commentary bashing White Hat Management and Ohio House Speaker William Batchelder.

A good commentator is obligated to substantiate his or her claims. Larkin attacks the integrity of Speaker Batchelder, who has honorably served his constituents and all Ohioans throughout his remarkable legislative career. The fact that Larkin doesn’t share the Speaker’s views on education policy does not justify a personal attack on such a dedicated public servant.

Larkin goes on to attack White Hat Management’s performance with unsubstantiated claims that our Life Skills dropout recovery schools are “crappy” and that they have “already failed” Ohio’s youth, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

From their inception in 1999 to this past January, Life Skills has proudly graduated more than 12,000 young people through its dropout and prevention programs. According to experts on the value of a high school diploma, these 12,000 Life Skills graduates potentially add $150 million -- approximately $12,500 each – annually to our economy. Compare that to the annual cost (approximately $40 million) of operating our Life Skills High Schools and it’s clear that funding our program represents a tremendous “bang for the buck” for Ohio taxpayers.

I suspect there are many people throughout Ohio who scratch their heads every time Mr. Larkin launches one of his personal attacks against a committed public servant. Perhaps an equal number do so when he just can’t seem to get his facts right about Ohio-based companies who are making great strides to help Ohio’s public school students.

David L. Brennan
Founding Chairman
White Hat Management

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