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Why Choose Life Skills

Life Skills is for every kind of student. No matter what obstacles you are looking to overcome whether its juggling school and a job, raising a family or you’re looking to set your own school schedule Life Skills is for you.

Every student can earn their high school diploma at Life Skills. No matter where you are in life, we will make it our top priority to create a place where you will succeed. Why is Life Skills High School for you? The answers are endless. Find out today what Life Skills can do for you and how we can help set you on a path of academic success and achieving your goals.

Individualized Education

You will receive an individualized academic plan that is tailored to you specific interests and goals. Life Skills teachers are dedicated to helping you succeed and will serve as mentors throughout your journey to earning a diploma.

Flexible Scheduling

At Life Skills, we understand that you have other responsibilities and a traditional school day isn’t always feasible. That’s why, at Life Skills, you have some flexibility. Whether you’re working a job or have family responsibilities, at Life Skills you can fulfill your obligations while earning your high school diploma.

Beyond the Classroom Benefits

Our goal is to help you overcome the obstacles that stand between you and your high school diploma. We offer childcare assistance, transportation, help with setting up WIC/benefits and counseling at the majority of our locations. Sometimes you just need a little help from the people around you to be successful.

Flexible Education

Unlike traditional schooling, Life Skills blends online with teacher-led instruction and project-based learning. You may also seek to earn college credit while they are in school and get a jumpstart on their future education.

Life After Graduation

We will help you create a plan for life after Life Skills while you work to complete your program. We help you prepare for careers after Life Skills that may include onsite career preparation and certification, work readiness preparation, as well and the opportunity to attend programs offsite at local community colleges or similar programs. You will leave Life Skills with an ePortfolio filled with the essential documents for the next stage in your journey.

Our goal at Life Skills is to do everything we can to help you earn your high school diploma and set you on a path toward success after graduation. Find out how you can overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from earning your high school diploma today. Call 888-995-7143 today for more information.

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